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Win A Warm Me Warm Mouse at Barefoot Mommies

Saturday, December 13, 2008

YOU can get a chance to win a WarmMe Warm Mouse at BarefootMommies since Sandra Stone has offered her reader a chance to win a WarmMe Warm Mouse.

WarmMe® WARM MOUSE is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably, minimizing unnecessary pressure on the wrist and forearm muscles. This insures that your wrist is in a neutral position during use. You can move freely while delivering therapeutic heat to relax tight hand and wrist muscles.

WarmMe® WARM MOUSE improves circulation in your hand, fingers, thumb and fingertips. As natural infrared rays are gently emitted, reflected and refracted in the soft tissues of your fingers & hands, cellular functioning is enhanced. This amazing process can help to reverse damage done from overworked joints. Infrared rays can actually help to produce better enzymes within the cells of the muscle.

  • USB Optical Scrolling Mouse
  • Accurate 800dpi
  • 2-Button, 3-function
  • Heated (infrared) Warms to perfect 104°F
  • Convenient On/Off Switch on cord
  • Works with any PC, MAC or Notebook
  • No additional software/hardware necessary
Go to BarefootMommies for more info. Contest is open to ALL! Contest Ends Midnight December 23rd. Central time. Good Luck!


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