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Win A MacBook Pro from A Real Lottery Winner

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A real life lottery winner wants to give back his blessings and so he taught of this cool contest, to give out not one but two MacBook Pro's to his loyal readers and subscribers.

The contest is a two part contest. Once he reached the 500 subscribers mark he will draw the first subscriber to win this MacBook Bro. As of this post he has 170 subscribers so a lot more slots to go before the first MacBook will be drawn. So head on to his website Real Lottery Winner
and subscribe to his feed and get us close to the draw.

Second way to win is easier and will be very soon. All you have to do is write a review or a nice post about my blog on your website! And tt needs to be at least 200 words, and it has to link his site twice! But this portion of the contest will ONLY be valid if at least 20 people participate, so guys head to his blog and blog about this awesome contest and his site. Winner will be announced on Dec. 18th, so he could ship the Macbook right at your doorstep just in time for Christmas!

I have never met a Real Lottery Winner in my life and reading about his blog is quite interesting seeing how he makes use of his winnings. He will also dedicate his blog to write about previous lottery winners and those who are still doing good in their life. That would be interesting to read to see how they invested their money.

He has been doing changes in his blog so at the moment he is on the default Wordpress theme but in a couple hours or so he will be using a different template that he hopes to use permanently.

So guys what are you waiting for go to Real Lottery Winner and join the MacBook Pro Contest! Hurry!


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