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Monday, December 7, 2009

I know most of you are here to know about the latest contests and giveaways available on the internet today. Although there are a hundred up and running right now, specially because its the Holidays, there is one site that you can visit and win cash and different prizes daily, and not just this Christmas. It an online casino but not just like any online casinos out there.

Online Casino Reports (OCR) is an online gambling site that caters to all of your online gambling needs. Their front page is packed with the latest news and reports about the gaming world worldwide. It's also an awesome portal for poker enthusiast from the United States or United Kingdom.

There is a section in there, the service section that you can avail of top casino bonuses for games like bingo, poker or any other casino games. You can play and claim whatever bonuses you deserve, be it be a high roller bonus, no deposit bonus, slot games bonus, best bonuses, multiple bonuses and more.

OCR does not just cater to casino games but is also a site for sport betting and more. You can use their Directory section to search for any other online games, online betting (like lottery or sweepstakes), skill games (like backgammon or gin rummy) or mobile games you want to play. They have on their portal about more than 1,000 online gambling sites, that are reviewed and ranked by popularity by their users. Aside from choosing a game you want to play, you can also choose by software platforms used or even currencies accepted.

Aside from being an awesome gaming platform OCR is a great online gambling community where gamblers worldwide can meet.

I love how neat and polished the site is. It's very user friendly specially with the neatly organized tabs above the site. The fonts and colors used for the OCR website is very easy on the eyes. The site is not graphic heavy and will not slow down your computer unlike the other gaming sites. There's a lot going on the front page but it loads fast so it's really good.

Another awesome feature of this site is the rich-media videos and podcast where they feature gambling news video almost every week. To find out more about the latest videos, news and information about the online gaming world you can follow OCR on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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