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Shoe Sale Is Like Winning The Lotto

Monday, July 20, 2009

For a shoe addict being able to buy a discount designer shoes they want on sale price is like winning the lottery. I can attest to that. If I get a that I want that fits my size that is like a great winning for me.

See I have a very small feet and shoe sales are not my venue to get what I want. So I end up buying the regular price one. But today I got lucky I found a tory burch flats sale and they still have my size on stock! I also found a Marc Jacobs flats that looks so nice but sadly my size was sold out.

Oh, forgot to tell you this shoe sale is at Jildor, I am a regular shopper already. Just yesterday I got the package for the funky flat half calf boot I ordered and they stay true to their claim all sales are shipped at $5 flat rate!


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