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Win Round Trip Tickets To London @ Air Asia

Monday, February 16, 2009

Well, well, I joined another contest and it's kinda fun one and very extravagant. Win a pair of free round trip tickets to Great Britain (United Kingdom/London) how can I resist when visiting that country is one of my dreams!

This is courtesy of Air Asia and all they ask is for you to post a 50 words reply on why you deserve to win a pair of return flight to London and of course the most creative answer wins!

Here is my answer:

Your majesty, the Queen of England, is waiting for me, the most gorgeous earthling, to visit her Kingdom and see for myself all the wonders they can offer me so I can finally decide if I want to marry any of her grandson Prince Harry or Prince William.

If that ain't creative enough to win well let's see... here are some of the entries (just for fun) :D

Post #318
Krishna Asi wrote2 hours ago
I need to win simply because my mother needs a break!
And this is a perfect get away!
She needs to take her mind off of responsibilities which she deals with everyday of her life.
And this is a perfect chance to be a good daughter!
Post #319
Achmad Irfan wrote54 minutes ago
the turbulent love has fadded away with the wind
like the stars and the moon it has dropped into the mountains
even the one thousand years of love
i am standing in this sky that has no limits
looking at the sea, my heart follows the sun
please bring me to london to rejoice my soul
Post #308
Syeann Chan wrote8 hours ago
I know a secret wish that can only be made during a foggy Britain night, when we see a light through our window and say “XXXX, I hate your laziness!” while throwing away a small trinket of his, it’ll make his negative side go away! I need to go to Britain!

Now, join the fun! Here is the full mechanics of the contest and where to post your answers.


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