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Win Your Own Domain and More at Evil Woobie's Love Advice Blog

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I couldn't resists Evil Woobie's invitation to have my blog join her wonderful Birthday-Valentine Contest her Annual Blog Event at Evil Woobie’s Love Advice blog.

Among the prizes I want to win is a domain of my choice because although I just got a domain two weeks ago a new one would be great to be set up at Wordpress. I already have an idea what niche I will write about so I wish I'd win that wonderful contest.

But in case I don't get the domain as prize the Tarot Deck with the Tarot Guide would be a great consolation prize too.

All contestants in this blog event will also have the chance to win $50 in cash and 100,000 Entrecards.

To join just pay a visit at Evil Woobie’s Love Advice blog.


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